Your advertising represents your brand. With AdAssured, you can be confident that affiliates, resellers and media buyers are working within your policies.

Affiliate Compliance

AdAssured® unites the top compliance vendors in one convenient platform with a single user interface. We then manage all publisher violations for you.

Content, search, email, domains, links, malware – AdAssured® is monitoring every day. And with our own proprietary technology, we can monitor your product catalog, spot fraudulent transactions, and manage your affiliate approval process. It's all included for one monthly fee.

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Reseller Monitoring

For a single monthly fee, AdAssured® monitors reseller activity to ensure adherence to your policies. If anyone is in violation of your terms, we will identify the problem, communicate the violation and take appropriate action.

We are able to monitor your resellers for price MAP violations, reseller authenticity, publisher website content, search campaigns, and domain registration activity.

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Publisher Oversight

Keep an eye on your publishers. With AdAssured® you can rest assured that your publishers are following your policies and preferences.

Publisher Oversight includes monitoring publisher website content, email content and search campaigns, as well as domain monitoring, product catalog monitoring, fraudulent transactions, malware detection, links, and plagiarism. Just pay one monthly fee and AdAssured® will do the rest.

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