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Compliance challenges undermining your success

Just like you, publishers want to generate as many sales as possible, and that's a good thing. But unlike you, they may be unaware or subversive of policies meant to protect your brand and investments in other advertising channels.

Every impression counts

Your publishers should be held to the same standards as your internal staff or agency. This is why AdAssured has developed software to monitor common policy violations in the areas of:

  • SEARCH - Paid search keyword & page position violations
  • CONTENT - Inappropriate content on their websites
  • CODES - Use of expired codes or those restricted in the affiliate channel
  • DOMAIN - Publisher squatting on domains containing trademarks

AdAssured also offers a PUBLISHER APPLICATION REVIEW service to prevent violating publishers from entering your program and an EXISTING PUBLISHER AUDIT to ensure compliance in your current publisher base.

Protect revenue, recover expenses

AdAssured's software, services and best practices allow you to rehabilitate violators and bring them into compliance.

  • Ensure publishers do not compete with your efforts in paid search
  • Provide publishers using codes not intended for the affiliate channel with new offers or codes
  • Preserve revenue by bringing publishers compliant instead of removing them from your program

Without software for monitoring, case management and communication, comprehensive enforcement of policies in a cost effective manner is virtually impossible.

With AdAssured, you gain access to:

  • All violation data in a single interface
  • Easy-to-use case management system for communicating with and bringing publishers into compliance
  • Included ticket system for contacting AdAssured staff
  • Available multi-account enterprise version
  • Optional service packages (we do all or some of the work)


Head with gears in it


There is no substitute for experience. AdAssured builds on years of combined industry knowledge, including how to effectively utilize our proprietary compliance software, and knowing which publishers could present problems for your program.

Clock with a dollar sign superimposed


Your time is money, and our teams have established efficiencies to help you lower costs. Compliance is our core competency and we’ve acquired the knowledge and skills necessary for thorough and accurate violation review and case management.

Warning sign, exclamation mark in a triangle


One error could cost you tens of thousands of dollars. AdAssured compliance officers can effectively inform you of potential strategic or tactical errors in your policy enforcement to ensure you retain valuable revenue streams.

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